Help, I have cellulite and my skin has started to sag!


Cellulite is not something anybody wants yet (almost) no one is spared! It usually appears around the age of 50 – with the thighs, legs, buttocks, hips, and arms being the most affected body areas..


But what causes cellulite and how does it relate to sagging skin? More importantly, how do you tackle it and what anti-cellulite products should you use? Read on for the lowdown on it all!


Cellulite: what is it?

Cellulite is caused by an excess of fat, water, and toxins in the adipocytes, the fat-storing cells in the hypodermis, the bottom layer of the skin. Adipocytes transform fat into energy so we can walk, play sports, think, sleep, stay warm, etc. However, this process of storing fat can be heavily influenced by many internal and external factors – from having a sedentary lifestyle to poor circulation, hormone fluctuations and even hereditary conditions.

When this energy storage is out of balance, in can result in adipocytes storing fat up to 60 times the normal rate. The accumulation of fat deforms the fibrous network and fat clusters start to form under the epidermis’ surface, making it quilted and padded. The blood and lymphatic vessels are also compressed, preventing proper drainage of water and toxins from the tissue. That’s when you’ll start to notice that dreaded orange peel effect.

How to avoid cellulite?

Almost all women are prone to cellulite —including the skinniest— while men don’t suffer much from it at all. The main reasons for this are hormonal. Adopting a healthy diet will help avoid the cells’ excessive fat storage. A balanced diet includes plenty of protein (preferably lean), vegetables (2/3 of the plate!), legumes, starchy foods (in moderation), and fruit. It also means cutting down on salt, refined sugars, "bad fats", red meat, and alcohol. And while this is advisable for women of all ages, it is especially important for those around the age of 30, due to a slower metabolism.

For example, the sugary treats that we eat after 30 are immediately stored in the adipocytes. Practicing daily exercise and avoiding prolonged static positions help burn fat and improve veno-lymphatic drainage. The easiest way to stay active on a day-to-day basis? Walking!

What is the relationship between cellulite and sagging skin?

Although cellulite and sagging skin have different causes, they both usually appear with age. Skin loses its elasticity around the age of fifty – it becomes looser because the skin’s natural collagen and elastin production decrease.

Combined with the decline of muscle mass, the orange peel effect worsens, and the skin becomes even more dimpled. Thighs (including inner thighs), lower abdomen, inner arms, and bust are all areas that are affected by dimpled skin.

Anti-cellulite massages and beauty products all help!

In addition to a healthy lifestyle, anti-cellulite massages and skincare products are great ways to combat cellulite and sagging skin. How? By detoxifying the skin cells, “burning” fat, and draining the veno-lymphatic system, they “break” the dimples away from the skin.

Seeking a simple and effective anti-cellulite skincare ritual? Adopt the Anne Semonin Body Perfection routine for visible results! Need an extra boost? Treat yourself to an anti-cellulite therapy at the Atelier de Beauté de Paris or an Anne Semonin spa for a results-driven reset. The Cryo Lipoliss treatment and the Miracle Lifting & Modelling Massage won’t only do wonders for your skin, they will leave you feeling utterly relaxed!

Love the way you look, with or without cellulite

It’s also important to stop demonizing cellulite: after all, 90% of women suffer from dimpled skin. Yet it’s comforting to know that there are things you can do to diminish its effects. Enjoy the healing benefits during your daily beauty routine by massaging your limbs while exfoliating and applying your skincare products.

Then, once a month, treat yourself to a holistic break at the Atelier de Beauté de Paris or an Anne Semonin spa. Take care of your body with kindness and learn to love the way you look. You will soon notice the positive effects this has on your body and mind!

Our Anne Semonin anti-cellulite shopping list

Lipoliss Intense Anti-Cellulite Gel: this smoothing, toning, and firming body gel contains sea lotus extract, a powerful natural ingredient. Specially formulated to reduce the formation of fat cells, the product prevents synthesis and helps to eliminate fats and toxins. The secret ingredients behind the gel’s effectiveness? Caffeine, seaweed, horse chestnut extract, and a potent cocktail of essential oils. Massage the gel into dry skin with circular motions every morning after showering. A veritable must-have, the gel penetrates the skin instantly, without leaving a greasy film.

Lipoliss Intense Firming Body Serum: Combine the Anti-cellulite Gel with the Firming Body Serum for greater effectiveness and to lift sagging skin. This hard-working treatment works well on problem areas such as the inner thighs and arms, stomach, and décolleté. Its formula comprises high-performance ingredients (sweet almond and soy proteins, seaweed, horse chestnut and butternut holly extracts, hyaluronic acid derivative, etc.) for smoother, firmer, and more moisturized skin. Apply the serum daily for a noticeable difference!


Anne Semonin beauty tip: Adopt Anne Semonin mixology to amplify the results of the Lipoliss Intense Anti-Cellulite Gel and Lipoliss Intense Firming Body Serum. (link to the article). Add a few drops of the Detoxifying Intensive Complex with its targeted trace elements and essential oils to improve the products’ effectiveness even further.

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