Young skin after your 30s? Prevention is better than cure!


It’s unavoidable. After the age of 25, the natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, which are responsible for firm, hydrated, and plump skin, begins to decline. As a result, the first signs of skin aging typically start to appear around your thirties. Genetics and external factors, such as UV light, climate, pollution, and lifestyle, all contribute to skin aging. These factors can lead to skin dehydration, fine lines, brown spots, and a loss of radiance and elasticity. However, with minimal precautions, you can maintain youthful skin and avoid premature aging. Here are five tips for achieving beautiful, supple, and glowing skin so you can look your best and celebrate your 30th birthday in style!




1. Combat dehydration

Dehydration is the leading cause of dry, wrinkled skin. It affects all skin types, including combination and oily skin. When the skin loses too much water due to factors like sun exposure, wind, cold, sweating, alcohol consumption, or lack of sleep, it becomes tight and loses its elasticity. This can lead to "dehydration wrinkles," especially around the eyes, and the skin loses its natural glow.

Ensure your skin is hydrated by drinking at least 1.5 liters of water daily. Additionally, use skincare products containing active ingredients like hyaluronic acid and aloe vera to moisturize your skin. You'll find both ingredients and marine spring water —another natural active ingredient— in many Anne Semonin skincare products. Marine spring water hydrates the skin and forms the base of three generation Y skincare essentials: Botanical Toner, Ice Cubes and Oligo Protect Cream SPF30.

2. Look out for wrinkle precursors

The factors that lead to wrinkles are numerous and closely related to our lifestyle. For example, smokers often have dull, dehydrated skin that shows premature signs of wrinkles. Smoking not only harms overall health but also depletes the skin's natural vitamin C, which is essential for the formation of collagen, a protein crucial for maintaining firmness and elasticity.

And let's not even talk about chronic stress! It stimulates the production of cortisol, which, in turn, accelerates the skin’s breakdown of collagen and decreases its magnesium levels. This can disrupt your sleep quality, affecting your skin's ability to regenerate — something that occurs during restful sleep.

 3. Eat the right nutrients

Skip processed meals and use fresh ingredients rich in Vitamins E and C. Think almonds, hazelnuts, sunflower oil, and fruits such as oranges and kiwis. Fresh seasonal vegetables are also laden with antioxidants — eat them raw to preserve their nutrients.

Small oily fish, such as sardines and mackerel, salmon, and egg yolks, are good sources of Vitamin D (D3) — vital for skin health.

Carrots are bursting with vitamin A. Don’t forget about those to round out your vitamin intake.

Then there are the skin benefits of Omega 3, the fatty acids abundant in, for example, rapeseed and nut oils, ground flax seeds, and fatty fish.

Also, consider incorporating Magnesium from almonds, hazelnuts, green vegetables, bananas, lentils, and white beans into your diet.

Add a daily dose of Zinc from sources such as oysters, fish, seafood, and meat since our body doesn’t retain it.

And don’t forget about photo-protective Lycopene found in red fruits, tomatoes, and more, as well as pre and probiotics available in foods like Jerusalem artichokes, artichokes, and seaweed.

4. Use appropriate sun protection

If you don’t protect your skin, it will come back to haunt you in the form of wrinkles and pigmentation spots. Extensive sun exposure and UV rays generate free radicals and oxidative stress, devastatingly affecting the skin. Protecting your skin year-round is essential to counteract UV-induced skin aging. In summer, wear a hat and avoid sunbathing, particularly between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m.

At Anne Semonin, Oligo Protect Cream SPF30 is devised to safeguard the skin against UVA and UVB rays. It combats premature aging thanks to its five broad-spectrum sun filters and sea minerals that strengthen the skin's natural protective barrier. Sea lily extract aids in diminishing pigmentation spots in terms of number, size, and color. This beauty must-have is suitable for all skin types.

In the evening, opt for Marine Emulsion, featuring shea butter and algae extracts. Those with dry or very dry skin will love Phytarosa Serum , which is infused with botanical oils and will do wonders for their skin.



5. Cleanse and exfoliate your skin

We can’t stress it enough. Start your beauty routine by cleansing the skin to remove impurities, traces of makeup, and pollution particles that clog the pores and dull your complexion. Do this in the morning AND evening, even if you’re not wearing makeup! If you like using a foaming facial cleanser, you’ll love Oligo Cleansing Geland its effective soap-free formula. Do you prefer a traditional makeup remover and toner? Then Botanical Milk and toner , each with a lovely floral scent, are for you.

Exfoliate your skin once a week with Exfoliating Mask for a string of skincare benefits, such as tighter pores, a more even and radiant complexion, clearer skin, accelerated cell renewal, and improved penetration of active ingredients.

Then apply Cream Maskfor nourishment, Mineral Mask for skin balance, or Gel Mask for a radiance boost once a week for head-turning results.


6. Take care of your eye contour

Fine lines and wrinkles appear in the corner of the eyes. around 30. It makes sense. The skin in this fragile area is thin, exposed, and suffers the effects of incessant blinking. It also lacks abundant collagen, elastin, and a hydrolipidic film—a mixture of water and sebum. Essentially, the contours of our eyes lack everything that gives our skin plumpness.

Cap your beauty ritual by applying Miracle Eye Contour Anti-Wrinkle Cream — perfect for preventing and reducing the appearance of wrinkles! Its formula is rich in vitamins (B3, C, E) and antioxidants to combat dark circles and hydrate and smooth the skin.

For an immediate skin boost, apply Eye Express Radiance Ice Cubes. Their unique formula combines the power of plant extracts with the effectiveness of cryotherapy to refresh, brighten, and lift the skin and reduce the appearance of dark circles. It’s the perfect cure for tired eyes and the ultimate way to brighten your early mornings and late evenings!



Your Anne Semonin skincare checklist :

1. Cleanse the skin in the morning and evening with Oligo Cleansing Gel and tone with Botanical Toner, or use Botanical Milk instead of Oligo Cleansing Gel.

2. Use an Exfoliating Mask enriched with red seaweed once weekly to remove dead cells and improve skin radiance.

3. Use Oligo Protect Cream SPF30 to moisturize, smooth, and protect the skin and restore its radiance.

4. In the evening, apply Phytarosa Serum (normal to dry skin) or Marine Emulsion (normal to oily skin) to hydrate, nourish and regenerate the skin.

5. Apply Miracle Eye Contour Anti-Wrinkle Cream and/or Eye Express Radiance Ice Cubes to smoothen the skin and awaken the eye contour.

6. Apply Cream Mask, or Masque Minéral or, Gel Mask once weekly to boost skin radiance and nourish and balance the skin.



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