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Good news we deliver to United States
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For Combination Skin

Anne Semonin luxury skincare is designed for all skin types. These are the products we particularly recommend for combination skin. Use them in your skincare regime and they will help give your complexion a youthful radiance.
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For Combination Skin

Our best products for combination skin


What is combination skin? The simple answer is that it's a combination of oily, dry and normal skin. You may find that areas of your complexion such as the T-zone – your nose, forehead and chin – are slightly oily while your cheeks are prone to dry patches.

Firstly, you should know that this is not unusual. In fact, combination skin is very common. Secondly, using Anne Semonin luxury skincare products will restore balance and that youthful radiance we all crave.

Of course, everyone has unique skin. The products that will suit your skin best – the combination of creams, serums, toners, cleansers and masks you use in your daily ritual – should be tailored to your needs. That's the basis of Anne Semonin made-to-measure skincare.

To help us find those products we highly recommend you start by filling out our online questionaire, which will help us create your Personalised Beauty Prescription. This is based on facts such as age, habits and lifestyle. Our skincare experts will take all these factors into account.

Among the products that might feature in your prescription are those shown in this section of our online boutique.

Oligo Cleansing Gel, for example, is an ideal cleanser for combination skin. It's a delicately scented, water-based foam cleanser infused with red algae and designed to remove make-up, impurities and excess grease to leave skin fresh, pure and supple.

Marine-based ingredients are wonderful sources of the trace elements that help restore your youthful glow. Seawater lies at the heart of Oligoanne Serum, a fantastic re-balancing treatment and anti-ageing defence system for congested or combination complexions.

Combination skin can also become irritated. Soothing Intensive Complex is the answer – a gently restorative, anti-inflammatory night-time treatment with marjoram, Italian lemon zest and Centella Asiatica helping to soothe itchiness and reduce redness.